Useful Links



Campania Tourist Website (excellent lists of places to visit – including):

Parks, Reserves & Protected Areas in Campania

Dept of Agriculture – Guide to Forests in Campania

Nature & Parks in Campania

Vesuvius Regional Park

Vesuvius Tourist Brochure (11 trails)

Vesuvius Website – Trails info 

Vesuvius Trails Maps (photos of boards on the trails)

Amalfi Coast

Zia Lucy – Hiking & Trekking Amalfi Coast (all the walks for the Amalfi, Lattari mountains i.e Walk of the Gods with detailed maps) and SorrentoInsider (fantastic tourist guides for the Amalfi peninsular – search for walks)

Giovis (Italian website by John Visetti – excellent list of walks and maps in Amalfi and the islands)

Roccamonfina Regional Park

Roccamonfina – website

Roccamonfina – map

Culture & Walking in Roccamonfina Park (hover over menu item ‘itinerari naturalistica’ for 17 walks)

Guide to Roccamonfina Park (in English, very detailed)

Aurunci Regional Park

CAI Aurunci Map

CAI Guide to Aurunci  (33 trails, full descriptions & maps)

Taburno Composauro Regional Park

Taburno Google Map

Taburno – Walks

Taburno – Park Map 

Mountain Bike Taburno

Taburno Tourist Guide 1 (in Italian) – at the back of this guide are some walking itineraries – I have roughly translated them to English here Taburno Walks (translated)

Taburno Tourist Guide 2 (in Italian) – again, towards the end of this guide you’ll find walk info (different from above)

Taburno Tourist Driving Routes (in Italian but maps useful for touring)

Matese Regional Park

Parco Matese App (launched Nov 2015) with many visitor trails 

WWF Guardiaregia-Campchiaro Reserver (on the eastern flank of the Matese) Walks page with maps

11 walks in the Matese (in Italian but useful maps)

Campitello-Matese website – 6 walks  (designed by CAI – Club Alpino Italian, no maps but good routes)

Partenio Regional Park

Partenio definitiva RID (1:25,000, zoom in & take screen grabs of walks)

Partenio Regional Park (overview)

Partenio – Website

Avellino and it’s Province (comprehensive tourist guide for the Avellino region known as ‘Irpinia’, including the Partenio and Picentini regional parks – no trails but lots of useful info)

Picentini Regional Park

74 walks on main park website (good trail details but but no maps)

CAI Guide to Picentini (80 trails, full descriptions, no maps)

Cilento Regional park

Cilento National Park (15 walks, very basic instructions)

Cilento Trail Trek (5 stunning walks with instructions and maps)

Cilento Map (purchase)

Park Guide (map overview of 29 walks, very basic instructions)

Visit Cilento (10 walks – called ‘Resorts’ – good instructions and basic jpeg of a map)

Capri (fantastic resource with masses of ideas for a great day on Capri including walks)

CartoTrekking (4 trails on Capri)


Ischia Trekking (4 walks & a map of all the trails)

Ischia Review (14 walks, good info but not maps)

Ischia walks (20+ ideas for walks, good instructions but no maps)


Trekking Magazine (walk around Procida)


Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) (the mountain trekking association in Italy, divided into regions i.e. Campania with several ‘sections’ that have a web page & often a list of walks and maps)

General Links

Walks in Nature, Caserta (Italian blog by Alessandro Santulli with two amazing lists of walks & maps for the Caserta region and in Tifantini hills right behind Caserta)

Trekking Campania (walking tours in the region, seem to be the most active and wide ranging i.e take groups all over Southern Italy) (Italian hiking magazine, search the Itineraries & Map pages for many trails all over Italy including lots of interesting trails in Campania with tourist sites and historic features included)

Wikiloc (search results for hike & bike trails in Campania)

Please help me keep this list up-to-date by sending me any useful links you find. Thank you!

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