Parks & Gardens

Some of the best places to relax are parks and gardens; perfect for a slow saunter and a picnic. Here’s a full list of all the options. If I had to choose a favourite it would be Giardini La Mortella on Ischia, which has glorious terraces overflowing with plants from around the globe. Go in summer you’ll be able to catch a concert in the open air Greek Theatre as the sun sets over the ocean.

It’s worth doing some research before you go to any of these places though. I’d recommend calling ahead to check the following: opening times (they vary according to weather/season/festivals/maintenance works), where to park, which entrance gate to use, if you must enter via a museum or in the case of the WWF Oases, whether you have to go with a guide.

Naples – Parks

Royal Park of Capodimonte, Naples

Virgilliano Park, Naples and here

Virgiliano Park of Piedigrotta, Naples

Villa Comunale Park, Naples

Lungomare, Naples

Camoldoli Urban Park, Naples (no official website) also try this info

Villa Floridiana Park, Naples and official site here

Metropolitan Park of the Hills of Naples (Feb 2016 – sadly, this is still a pipe dream – a series of green areas that link together in the hills behind the city to provide a vital breathing space in densely populated areas. It is a scheme that is mired in controversy but there are groups fighting to make it a reality – the green space exists but it must be mapped, signed and cleaned up – I will keep you updated).

Naples – Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Naples

Cloister of Saints Marcellino and Festo

Church and Cloister of Santa Chiara and here

Royal Palace Gardens, Naples (main website not working, this link has all the info)

Portici Palace Gardens and main website here


Royal Palace of Caserta


Lungomare, Pozzuoli


Minerva Medical Gardens and here


Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

Villa Rufolo, Ravello


La Mortella Gardens, Ischia

Gardens of Augustus, Capri

WWF Oases

Bosco San Silvestro and here

Astroni Crater, Naples

Lake Campolattaro, Benevento and here

Montagna di Sopra, Benevento

Lake Conza, Avellino and here

Oasis & Caves Bussento River, Morigerati and here

Persano, Salerno and here

Nature Reserves

Volturno-Licola-Falciano Nature Reserve  – blog post coming soon