In 2013 Carrot Quin decided to walk the Pacific Coast Trail. It’s one of the great hikes in America, and completing a thru-hike – which means the full 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada – is on the bucket list of most serious walkers (including me, of course). After the trip Carrot wrote a book Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart but actually, this article for The Guardian is my favourite.

Carrot describes how walking helps you learn about and ‘live more through your physical body’, and I wholeheartedly agree. There is something so elemental about a long walk; the mind is no longer as dominant, it starts to follow the rhythm of the body, it quietens and feels more balanced. Often, our perspective shifts to a wiser place.

I also love that she didn’t start off as a super fit hiker, she became one on the trail. Nor did she do it for any higher reason – it was about the adventure pure and simple.

Have a read of Carrot’s article and tell me you don’t want to get out there too…

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